Education & Public Outreach Committee



The Education & Public Outreach Committee was established in 2003 and serves RASC members, Centres and the general public. Its mandate is to help promote knowledge and understanding of astronomy in general and Canadian astronomy in particular to Canadians.

As a Committee of the Society, the Education & Public Outreach Committee is made up of at least one Director and up to nine additional Society member, plus the Society President ex officio, however, all RASC members are encouraged to participate in the work of this committee and its activities. The Public Education section of this website is devoted to their activities.

Committee Definition

The Education & Public Outreach Committee shall consist of as many as ten members of the Society.

The Education & Public Outreach Committee shall:

  1. promote astronomy education within the Society and throughout the country;
  2. report to Council on matters of importance relating to astronomy education in Canada; and
  3. have such other duties as may be prescribed by the Council.

Contact Information

To reach the committee you may e-mail the Education & Public Outreach Committee Chair.

Committee Members - Effective July 2018

  • Curt Nason (New Brunswick) - Chair
  • Robyn Foret (Calgary) Board Liaison
  • Dr Chris Gainor ex officio (President, Victoria)
  • Dr. John Percy (Toronto)
  • Lauri Roche (Victoria)
  • Jennifer West (Winnipeg)
  • Kirsten Vanstone (Toronto)
  • MIke Moghadam (Ottawa)
  • Colleen O'Hare (Okanagan)
  • *Randy Attwood (Executive Director)


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