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Server Administrator

The RASC Server Administrator will maintain the Society's (located at Saint Mary's University) linux server which handles all of the society's internet and web services except for the iMIS site (

Work on software related to the Society's website will be done in collaboration with the RASC Webmaster. Other work, including maintenance of existing services and development of new ones will be done in collaboration with the IT Committee.

The Server Administrator will also manage the the DNS records for the Society's domains (,, and others).

List of Responsibilities and Skills:

  • Linux server administration (CentOS 5 - RedHat Enterprise Linux derivative)
  • LAMP web server administration (Apache/MySQL/PHP, plus Page Publisher/Article Manager CMSs, MediaWiki, Drupal)
  • DNS management (updates, renewals, and management of backup dns at
  • Mail management (including sendmail, spamassassin, mailman list software, mail aliases, and IMAP)
  • Backup management (dump/restore)
  • Linux scripting

E-mail Administrator

The RASC E-mail Administrator will manage the Society's e-mail addresses and Mailman mailing lists. The E-mail Administrator will also handle spam-related issues. Work will be done in concert with the Server Administrator who system level functions and the E-mail administrator will do more routine functions. The E-mail administrator will also work with all list moderators to facilitate the operation of mailing lists.

List of Responsibilities:

  • Mailman mailing list administration (including list creation/deletion, moderation of some lists, bulk updates of member announce and customer lists)
  • Training of list moderators
  • E-mail address and alias management
  • Anti-spam administration
  • Monitor server's reputation on DNS Blacklists
  • Monitor server's mail queue for problem addresses and correct

Technical Skills:

  • Mailman (web admin and command line)
  • Spamassassin admin
  • Use of ssh client for server access
  • Editing files using vi or equivalent
  • Use of ftp and scp clients


The RASC Webmaster will be responsible for the structure and overall visual design of the Society's website, and monitoring and controlling access to the website's underlying content management system. The Webmaster will also work with the RASC Server Administrator to ensure the availability and functionality of the website.

List of Responsibilities:

  • Website structure
  • Website visual design
  • Website availability and functionality
  • Controlling the website's content management system
  • Training of content editors

Technical Skills:

  • HTML
  • Basic linux admin (accessing via ssh/ftp, local editing of files, setting permissions, etc.)
  • CSS
  • Basic Graphic Design
  • Page Publisher/Article Manager content management systems (admin level)
  • Drupal content management system (admin level)

Web Content Editor

RASC Web Content Editors will work with National committees and staff to create, update and improve content on the Society's website.

Web Content Editors will also provide content for the eNews service.

List of Responsibilities:

  • Creating new website content
  • Updating and improving existing website content
  • Proactively reviewing entire website on an ongoing basis to keep material up to date
  • Collaborating with National committees and staff on website content
  • eNews content creation and management

Technical Skills:

  • Proofreading/editing
  • basic HTML
  • use of ftp client
  • use of Page Publisher/Article Manager content management system
  • use of Drupal content management system

National Office IT Administrator

The National Office IT Administrator will maintain the computers, printers and network in the Society's National Office.

List of Responsibilities:

  • Computer and printer hardware install and maintenance
  • Software installation, security and updates
  • Network maintenance including firewall and remote access
  • Creating and maintaining records of system configurations and software licenses

Technical Skills:

  • Microsoft Office 2003 or later
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • iMIS 10
  • Crystal Reports 2008
  • TCP/IP Networking


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