Information about the impact of artificial light at night (ALAN) is scattered across among many sources and web site. This page will provide a critical "bibliography" of this material. In this way we will also have useful information and images to bolster our public presentations.


We encourage others to suggest additional sources and web sites, but PLEASE provide useful critical narrative about the content.


Canadian Scotobiology Group

The "BLOG" page of this website present very brief (concise) explanations of a number of lighting issues. These are presented to help advocates gain insights and information that can be used in the develepment of their own presentations. (Please reference the source.)


Pierantonio Cinzano

Pierantonio Cinzani is arguably one of the principal researchers into the extent of light pollution around the world. His work has been used to make people aware of the regional impact of light pollution - not unlike the impact of air and water pollution. Light pollution is no longer a local problem. Here is the web site for the English version of the Italian LP Institute.


Blue Marble

Images that show the extent of the impact on the Earth is great eye-candy. The Blue Marble Program provides one such resource.


This annotated and navigable image of the Earth at night shows the lights of towns smaller than 1,000 persons. The effort was done in Denmark, hence the start-up location, but it covers the entire world. It is a great piece of work.

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