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Sky Quality Measurement Project - Miscellaneous

Period of Possession:

The borrower may use the unit for a minimum of 3 months before they must return the unit or forward it to the next borrower.Due to widespread bad weather, the loan period can be extended  up to an extra month.

Financial Liability:

The borrower or Centre is responsible for the loss of the SQM-L. In the case of a Centre that has borrowed a SQM-L, the centre is liable if it is not returned to the LPAC or shipped to the next borrower.

Notification Responsibility:

When you have received your SQM-L package and when you have expedited your SQM-L package send your Notification to Kim Hay at the email below


SQM Meter # On Loan To
SQM Meter#
 On Loan To
 1  Chris Weadick- New Brunswick Centre  2  Wayne Willott- Okanagan Centre
 3  Bill Clark- Sunshine Coast  Centre  4  Dave Gallant-Thunder Bay Centre
 5  Ralph Chou- Toronto Centre  6  Peter Clarke- Kitchener-Waterloo Centre
 7  Cameron Widen- Vancouver Centre  8  Dr. Pierre J. Boulos- Windsor Centre
 9  Michael Cook - Toronto (Durham Region)  10  Bill Gardner -London Centre


Expediting Method:

Return to RASC LPA Committee, or ship to the next borrower as directed by LPAC. Shipment shall be insured for $100 by current borrower with tracking information (expedited mail)

Where to Submit Data:

At the end of the loan period, the data shall be either forwarded to Kim Hay (cdnspooky at persona dot ca) for uploading to the Sky Quality Database or you can request a personal account so you can enter your own data. Each data point must be accompanied by:

  • Date (local)
  • Time (local)
  • Latitude (d m s)
  • Longitude (d m s)
  • Location name
  • Province
  • Sky brightness reading (average of several readings preferably on more than one night)
  • SQM meter model
  • Temperature
  • Measurer (person who made the measurement)
  • Notes (if required)

Requesting a unit


If you wish to request a unit, please contact Dan Taylor (dctaylor at xplornet dot com)

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