Resources for Fun

Spend some time playing around with these sites and programs. You would be surprised at how many hours you can spend exploring the universe.

  • NASA's Eyes
    With Eyes on the Solar System, Eyes on Exoplanets, and Eyes on Earth, this program has an unbelievable amount of information. Find out where all the planets were for years into the past and future, take a closer look at how Earth is warming up over the years, or learn about individual exoplanets.
  • Solar System Scope
    Use this website to navigate around the solar system, to planets, and to nearby stars. It is a great resource for visualizing the solar system and its neighbourhood in three dimensions.
  • Solar System Simulator
    Have you ever wondered what Gannymede would look like from the surface of Jupiter? Or what Deimos and Phobos would look like from Mars? With this website, you can find out what anything in the solar system looks like from anywhere else on any day at any time
  • Gleamoscope
    Humans can only see visible light, but there are many other types of light that we cannot see. Check out our Milky Way in all other wavelengths of light.
  • Spot the ISS
    The ISS flies around earth every 90 minutes. That's 16 times a day! This website can tell you when the ISS will be flying by you in the next few days. You can see the ISS only at dawn and dusk, when the Earth is dark but the station is illuminated by the Sun.
  • Light Pollution Map
    Where is the best spot to view the stars? The darkest place you can find of course! This map shows you where most light pollution comes from. It may help you find your next stargazing location.
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