Educator Resources

Astronomy can sometimes be intimidating to teach. The universe is a pretty big place; where do you start?


Discover the Universe

Discover the Universe is your go-to resource for astronomy teaching. DU hosts workshops and webinars in French and English with up-to-date and engaging information about astronomy teaching. If you are uncomfortable teaching astronomy, check out Discover the Universe first.



Maybe you know a bit about astronomy but want to know more about what to teach in each year, or what your child is learning about at school. Find out who is learning what here.


Classroom Activities

Time to make the class a bit more exciting. Find links to all kinds of classroom activities, lesson plans, and classroom extensions here.


Professional Development

Do you really want to dig into a specific astronomy topic? We provide a list of free and paid astronomy courses through which you can learn about many topics, including the Solar System, Astrobiology (yes, that's life in space!) and the Theory of Relativity.

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