List of Dark-Sky Sites

List of RASC-Designated Dark-Sky Sites

Below is an interactive map of Dark-Sky Sites in Canada. IDA-designated sites in Canada are also included as a convenience (information on IDA-designated sites below).


The sortable table below lists all of the RASC's designated Dark-Sky Sites and provides access to additional information on the sites and links to external websites.

Dark-Sky Site Prov. Year Designated Type RASC Page
Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area AB 2015 NP More info
Au Diable Vert Outdoor Centre QC 2018 DSP More info
Beaver Hills and Elk Island National Park AB 2006 DSP  
Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre ON 2012 DSP  
Bruce Peninsula National Park ON 2009 DSP More info
Cattle Point BC 2013 USP More info
Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park AB/SK 2004 DSP More info
Fundy National Park NB 2011 DSP  
Gordon's Park ON 2008 DSP  
Grasslands National Park SK 2009 DSP More info
Irving Nature Park NB 2011 USP  
Jasper National Park AB 2011 DSP More info
Kejimkujik National Park NS 2010 DSP More info
Killarney Provincial Park ON 2018 DSP More info
Kouchibouguac National Park NB 2009 DSP  
Lake Superior Provincial Park ON 2018 DSP  
Lakeland Provincial Park AB 2017 DSP More info
McDonald Park BC 2003 DSP  
Mont-Mégantic National Park QC 2007 DSP More info
Mount Carleton Provincial Park NB 2009 DSP  
North Frontenac Township ON 2013 DSP  
Old Man on His Back Conservation Area SK 2015 NP  
Point Pelee National Park ON 2006 DSP  
Terra Nova National Park NL 2018 DSP  
Torrance Barrens Conservation Area ON 1999 DSP More info
Wood Buffalo National Park AB/NWT 2013 DSP More info

International Dark-Sky Association Designations in Canada

Some sites may choose to use more outdoor lighting than is permitted by the RASC Dark-Sky Site Program, but may partner with organizations outside of Canada that also promote the preservation of dark skies. The main organization outside of Canada is the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) and their International Dark-Sky Places Program.

List of IDA International Dark-Sky Places in Canada

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