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Period of Possession:

The borrower may use the unit for a minimum of 3 months before they must return the unit or forward it to the next borrower. The loan period can be extended to support local measurement programs.

Financial Liability:

The Centre is responsible for the loss of a borrowed SQM-L, or if it is not returned to the LPAC or shipped to the next borrower. The following table is the most up-to-date list of the current holders. If you have any up-dates or corrections, please send them to the Light-Pollution Abatement (LPA) Committee.

SQM No. On Loan To SQM No.   On Loan To
 1  Chris Weadick - NB Centre (2019)  2

Mark Pickett - Hamilton Centre (2019) (need email)

 3  Bill Clark - Sunshine Coast  Centre  4  Dave Gallant - Thunder Bay Centre
 5  Ralph Chou - Toronto Centre (2019)  6  Peter Clarke - Kitchener-Waterloo Centre
 7  Leigh Cummings - Vancouver Centre (2019)  8  Dr. Pierre J. Boulos - Windsor Centre
 9  Dave Chapman - Halifax Centre (2019)  10

 Bill Gardner - London Centre (2019)  (need email)


Expediting Method:

Return to RASC LPA Committee, or ship to the next borrower as directed by LPAC. Shipment shall be insured for $200 by current borrower with tracking information (expedited mail).

At the End of the Loan Period:

At the end of the loan period, the SQM-L shall be either forwarded to the RASC National Office, or to the next recipent.

Requesting a SQM-L Unit

If you wish to request a unit, please contact the RASC Light Pollution Abatement Committee. When you have received your SQM-L unit, send confirmation to the Light-Pollution Abatement (LPA) Committee.

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