Nominating Committee

Committee Mandate

The Nominating Committee is made up of the 2nd Vice-President and two appointees, and is responsible for managing the process of nominations for the Society's:

  1. Board of Directors
    • President
    • Vice-Presidents
    • National Secretary (Recorder)
    • Treasurer
    • Directors
  2. Appointed Officers
    • Journal Editor
    • Observer's Calendar Editor
    • Observer's Handbook Editor
    • the eBulletin Editor
  3. Honorary Members
  4. Honorary President

The Nomination period for each elected office is set annually by the Committee and advertised in Society publications and on this website.

Committee Definition

The Nominating Committee shall consist of the 2nd Vice-President and up to four members, plus the Society President ex officio.

The Nominating Committee shall

  1. prepare a list of one or more candidates for each Annual General Meeting. This list shall be presented to the Secretary of the Society at least sixty days before the AGM.
  2. make nominations to the Council for Honorary Members of the Society from time to time, supporting every nomination with a written statement citing the nominee's noteworthy contributions to astronomy, and
  3. have such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board.

Contact Information

To reach the committee you may e-mail the Nominating Committee Chair.

Committee Members - Effective July 2018

  • Charles Ennis (Sunshine Coast), Chair
  • Eric Briggs (Toronto)
  • Peter Jedicke (London)
  • *Renata Koziol (Accounting Manager)
  • *Randy Attwood (Executive Director)
  • Dr Chris Gainor,  President ex officio (Victoria)

* = non-voting

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