Allegheny Observatory,
Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Nov. 19 1894

G. E. Lumsden Esqr.

Corresponding Secretary of the

Astronomical & Physical Society of Toronto.

My Dear Mr. Lumsden,

      I send you the corrected proof of my article. You may possibly have heard that "Astronomy and Astro-Physics" will be continued under the name of the "Astrophysical Journal" by Prof. Hale and myself, and I should like to print tihs article (in a considerably modified form, but as a communication to your society) in the January number. Probably you have no objection to this, but if you should have please let me know at once. Our journal is not likely to have much of a circulation in purely astronomical circles.

      I did not find a proof of the drawing with the other matter, and have thought that I may have overlooked it, and thrown it in the fire the envelope. If so, no particular harm was done, as the proof could hardly fail to be correct.

Yours very sincerely,

James E. Keeler.

Thank you

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