Many RASC members donate their spare computer time to various scientific research projects through BOINC. Current projects are shown in the chart below.


This project helps in the search for gravitational waves from spinning neutron stars (using LIGO data) and also for radio pulsars in binary systems (using Arecibo data).

As of 3 July 2017, team RASC has 190 members and ranks #50. [Team Stats]


This project is creating a 3-D map of our home galaxy (The Milky Way) using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

As of 3 July 2017, team RASC has 143 members and ranks #92. [Team Stats]


This project uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

As of 3 July 2017, team RASC has 776 members and ranks #67. [Team Stats]

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