CWSF 1963 Award

A moment of achievement is recorded as a pleased exhibitor, Norman W.G. Wilde, receives warmest congratulations and best wishes for his future endeavours in astronomy from Miss Ruth J. Northcott, National President. The location—the central rotunda of Toronto's famous Casa Loma—where the second Canada-Wide Science Fair was held. (Photography by Michael Burns.)

This photo appeared in JRASC, Oct. 1963, pp. 230-31.

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Gold Medal 1968

Henri Simard (r) presents the Gold Medal to Peter Martin in 1968.

This photo was published in JRASC, 63, 46.

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Charles Haldenby

(1897-1985) WWI veteran. Chemical engineer and botanist. Toronto Centre member from 1940-85.

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Charles Good #1

Charles Good observing the Sun. Undated photo.

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Evans Telescope Presentation

Presentation of the Evans telescope in 1963.

Left of door (L to R): W. Simpson Baikie, E.K. Lee, G.J. Odgers, unknown.
Right of door (L to R): unknown, J.M. Fletcher (facing camera), Pam Odgers, W.G. Milne(? behind Pam), F.R. Williams (in hat), unknown, R.M. Petrie, N.O. Hutchings(?).

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A.V. Douglas #1

Dr. Douglas with the new telescope at Queen's University, Kingston.

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Darby Coats #1

Darby Coats explains mirror grinding at Astronight '64. Photo by J. Howell.

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SCOA Bulletin #5

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Administration Bulletins

Administration Bulletins from the 1960s.

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Brochure 1960s

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