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  • A number of RASC members observed this eclipse from Québec.

  • A number of RASC members took part in an expedition by train to Wivenhoe, Manitoba to view this eclipse; many others observed from Québec.

  • This eclipse was notable for an expedition to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT.

  • Southern Manitoba was ground zero for this highly-anticipated eclipse.

  • The weather in southern Ontario was less than cooperative, but the Toronto Centre sent out a busload of 45 members on a 2½ day bus trip to catch 13 seconds of annularity for only $175.

  • The RASC chartered a plane to view this total solar eclipse from Baja Mexico.

  • This was a mid-day annular eclipse tracking through southern Ontario.

  • (1823-1918) One of the founding members of the society in 1868.

  • (1943-2009) A longtime active observer and member of the Kingston Centre. He brought Astronomy Day to Canada and developed the Beginner's Observing Guide. Leo received the Service Award in 1986.

  • (1917-2009) An active member of the Calgary Centre. Received the Service Award in 1985.


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