GA 1964

1964 - Ottawa

May 15-17


  1. The Curious History of NGC 3603, D. Sher (Toronto)
  2. A Search for Conical Craters on the Moon, Mme Pierrette Jean (CFM)
  3. An f/2 Schmidt Camera Built at the Dominion Observatory, J.J. Labrecque (Ottawa)
  4. Observations of the Chromospheric Ionized Calcium K-line Obtained at the 1963-64 Eclipse of Zeta Aurigae, Odgers et al (Victoria)
  5. A 150-inch Telescope for Canada, W.H. Wehlau (London) JRASC
  6. The Telescope Makers, Jesse Ketchum (Toronto) JRASC
  7. Solar Eclipse Film, Marc Durand (CFM)
  8. A Multiple Spectrograph for Meteor Research, F.R. Park (Ottawa) JRASC
  9. Did the Manitouwabing Meteorite Fall on October 14, 1949? J.F. Heard (Toronto) JRASC
  10. How to Construct a Really Stable Small Telescope Mounting, Mrs. Jean Hodges (Regina)
  11. The Radio Astronomy Programme at the Algonquin Radio Observatory of the National Research Council, W.J. Medd (Ottawa)
  12. Photoelectric Observations of the Solar Corona Taken from an Aircraft during the Eclipse of July 20, 1963, J.L. Locke et al (Ottawa)
  13. The Halifax Planetarium, W.L. Orr (Halifax)

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