John Goldie

John Goldie (1822-96) was a life member of the APST and had an observatory in Galt, Ontario.


JOHN GOLDIE was the second son of John and Margaret Goldie of Ayr, Scotland, and was born on the banks of the Doon, in 1822. His father was a botanist by profession and took every opportunity of instill- ing into the minds of his children such knowledge as would be of use to them in after life.

John received his early education at the village school in Kilroy, near his home, being afterwards apprenticed to a millwright. The family coming to Canada in 1844, a new field was opened up for him, with the result that he became eventually known as one of the most successful manufacturers in the Dominion. His partnership with Mr. Hugh McCulloch, of Galt, was formed in 1859.

Mr. Goldie was at all times a deep reader, a careful student and an observer of more than ordinary ability, combining in himself the scholar and the man of business. He became a life member of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto immediately after incorporation, and was always very closely identified with the practical work of the Society. His own observations were made in his private observatory, in Galt, Ontario.

Mr. Goldie's disposition was a most lovable one. In every station of life he exemplified in a high degree the characteristics of a true Christian gentleman. His death occurred after a lingering and painful illness, on March 26th, 1896, at his residence in Galt. His wife and two children, Alex. R. and Eleanor, survive him.

from Trans. APST 1896

Goldie, John