Paul-Pierre Henry (Paul Henry) (21 August 1848 – 4 January 1905) and his brother Mathieu-Prosper Henry (Prosper Henry) (10 December 1849 – 25 July 1903) were French opticians and astronomers.
They made refracting telescopes and instruments for observatories, and were involved in the origin of the Carte du Ciel project. Between the two of them, they discovered a total of 14 asteroids. The Minor Planet Center credits their discoveries under "P.P. Henry" and "P.M. Henry", respectively. The lunar crater Henry Frères is named after them jointly, as is Henry Crater on Mars.
At the annual meeting of 1894-01-09, M. Paul Henry, of the Paris Observatory, one of the justly celebrated photographers of celestial objects, was elected a Corresponding Member of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto. He wrote back: "C'est avec la plus grande reconnaisance, quoique en etant biena indigne, que j'accepte la grande faveur que vous voulez bien me fair en me proposant de me nommer Membre Correspondant de votre Socièté. C'est un biean grand honneur pour moi de voir mon nom auprès des noms illustres de Miss A. Clerke, Messieurs Gore, Denning, S.W. Burnham, etc. Je vour pie, cher Monsieur, d'agréer, avec tour mes remerciements, l'expression de mes sentiments très distingués."
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M. Paul