To all Members, regarding the Board of Directors election, the campaign period has ended. As noted previously, there are 3 Director's positions open for election with 4 Candidates standing for election.

Karen Finstad, our dedicated and diligent Secretary, having completed 2 years of her 3 year term, has advised that due to urgent family matters, she cannot complete her term and will be stepping down as of the 2016 General Assembly.

Karen has contributed immensely to the Board, to the National Council and to the Society in General. She has created a sustainable model that her successor can step in to with relative ease, has delineated the Board Secretary's role from that of the National Council, and has offered thoughtful and critical analysis and insight into every Board decision over the past two years. We on the Board will miss her presence and wish her and her family nothing but the best.

If you have the opportunity to do so, please be sure to thank Karen for her hard work on your behalf.

This does of course have an impact on our 2016 Election to the Board. With Karen stepping down, I hereby acclaim all four candidates to the Board and hereby advise all RASC Members that the election is cancelled.

Congratulations to Charles Ennis, Chris Gainor, Craig Levine and Susan Yeo on your appointments. We welcome you to the RASC Board of Directors and on behalf of the entire Membership, thank you in advance for your service to the Society.


Robyn Foret
2nd Vice President
Chair, Nominating Committee
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

eNews date: 
Friday, April 22, 2016