Astronomy in Canada

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Edited by Ruth Northcott

With this volume the RASC joined other Canadian institutions in presenting to the Canadian public—and the world—projects marking the centenary of Canada's confederation (1867-1967). Originating as a themed collection of nine articles describing the state of Canadian astronomy in the centennial year, it appeared in both JRASC, and under separate covers as a book issued by the University of Toronto Press. The articles are available online via ADS using the links below. Copies of the book version can occasionally be found in antiquarian book stores.
    In the Society's Archives is a copy of the book version with the autographs of the authors on the table of contents. Curiously enough, Ruth J. Northcott, editor of the volume and a contributor, did not sign the book, perhaps because this copy belonged to her. The signatures are reproduced at the bottom of this web page. RR

Astronomy in Canada has had a long and proud history. At one time, the largest astronomical telescope in the world was situated in Canada, and today Canada is still a world leader in all aspects of optical and radio astronomy. The widespread popular interest in astronomy in Canada is demonstrated by the hundreds of thousands of people in Canada who visited observatories and planetariums during the year.

As its Centennial project, The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has set out to fill a severe gap in the literature of astronomy in Canada, namely, the lack of a good book on the subject. The result is "Astronomy in Canada - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", a book of essays dealing with the history and present status of Canadian astronomy. The book is profusely illustrated, well printed on glossy paper by the University of Toronto Press, and attractively paper-bound with a two-colour cover.

Each author is a professional astronomer and an experienced writer. The level of presentation would appeal to a senior high school student or intelligent layman.

—John Percy, 1968 April 1

Astronomy in Canada K.O. Wright Astronomy in Canada
The Growth of the R.A.S.C. and its Guiding Mentor C.A. Chant Ruth J. Northcott
Astronomy of Time and Position Malcolm M. Thomson
Of Stars and the Galaxy Alan H. Batten
Astronomy at the David Dunlap Observatory
John F. Heard
and Helen Sawyer Hogg
Stars Fall Over Canada
Peter M. Millman
and D.W.R. McKinley
Impact Craters of the Earth and Moon
C.S. Beals
and Ian Halliday
The Development of Solar Microwave Radio Astronomy in Canada A.E. Covington
Recent Developments of Radio Astronomy in Canada J.L. Locke


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