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  • (1913-86) Piano teacher and author. An active member of the St. John's Centre; received the Service Award in 1977.

  • (1914-2005) A doctor and active Winnipeg Centre member; meteor and solar observer. Received Service Award in 1971.

  • (1900-84) Hamilton Centre member; received Service Award in 1972.

  • (1904-90) Observer and Toronto Centre member. Received the Service Award in 1979.

  • Work on the Society's seal started in the 1890s but a seal was not adopted until 1905.

  • (1911-97) Owner/operator of the Shinn Conservatory of Music; Planetarium Director at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature; Winnipeg Centre member; Service Award (1978); National Newsletter editor (1978-80).

  • (1922-73)  Quebec/CFM member; received the Service Award in 1967, served as Society President (1970-72).

  • Hamilton Centre telescope maker. Chant Medal 1949.

  • (1820-1905) D.C.L., Q.C. Served as Vice President of the Society (1892-94), and President (1895).

  • A horticulturist and active asteroid, comet and variable star observer. Chilton Prize 1983, Chant Medal 1988.


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