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  • (1859-1926) A doctor who joined the Society in 1892 and served as President (1916-17).

  • (?-?) Member of Vancouver and Victoria Centres, received the Society's Service Award in 1974.

  • (1907-2000) An active member of the Montreal Centre and the driving force behind the observing programs there from the 1940s through the 1960s.

  • (1922-) An active Hamilton Centre member; received the Service Award in 1984.

  • (1931-) A founding member of the Calgary Centre; involved with planetaria in Calgary and Vancouver; received the Service Award (1967).

  • (1911-2002) DAO Director (-1976) and Society President (1964-66).

  • (1886-1977) DO/DAO astronomer; DDO director (1935-45); Society President (1932-33).


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