RASC Gold Medal


RASC Gold Medal

Beginning in 1905, the RASC instituted a Gold Medal for presentation to the top undergraduate student graduating with first class honours from the astronomy and physics department at the University of Toronto. In 1988, the RASC began to offer the Plaskett Award for the top graduate student in Canada and the Society's Toronto Centre has continued the tradition of offering the Gold Medal to undergraduate students since that time.

Many Gold Medal winners have gone on to enjoy a high profile in the Canadian astronomical community and the RASC, including Michael DeRobertis, John Percy and Frank Sawyer Hogg.

The design of the medal is based upon the original Seal of the Society established in 1905.

Recipients 1906-87
1987 Man Hoi Lee    
1985 G.A. Drukier    
1984 G.D. Starkman    
1982 M.J. Gaspar    
1979 N. Duric    
1978 D.R. Gies    
1977 M. DeRobertis JRASC  
1976 C. Rogers    
1972 M.J. McCutcheon JRASC  
1971 B.F. Kinahan JRASC  
1970 J. Kormendy    
1968 P.G. Martin JRASC  
1967 R.H. Chambers JRASC  
1966 W.A. Sherwood JRASC  
1965 A.F.J. Moffat JRASC  
1963 P.H. Reynolds    
1962 J.R. Percy    
1961 R.C. Henry   Picture
1960 C.R. Purton    
1956 D.C. Morton JRASC Picture
1949 I. Halliday    
1948 R.W. Tanner    
1940 W.F.M. Buscombe    
1937 D.A. MacRae    
1935 F.S. Patterson    
1933 K.O. Wright   Bio
1931 W.S. Armstrong    
1929 P.M. Millman   Bio
1926 F.S. Hogg   Bio
1914 G.S. Campbell    
1913 E.A. Hodgson   Bio
1911 R.S. Sheppard    
1910 R.J. McDiarmid    
1909  R.K. Young   Bio
1907 R.M. Motherwell   Bio
1906 W.E. Harper   Bio
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