Kincardin[?] Oct 21. 92

Dear Sir,

As mentioned in the papers that you would like to have nay notes of observations of the Eclipse of yesterday I send the following.

My observation was made with a surveyors transit diagonal eyepiece. The sky was a good deal overcast with clouds, but at the time of first contact the sun was quite clear. By our time here it was at 11.H 55-56 or between 55 & 56 minutes, and the last contact was at 14.H 53' 54" or between 53 & 54 minutes. The sky was somewhat hazy so it was not easy with a telescope of small power to tell accurately the exact times of contact and also not ???[last word on first page] to have the exact time unless taken by observation.

It was very interesting to watch its progress.

If the foregoing notes are of any interest you ??? them with pleasure.

I am Sir yours truly
James Warren

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