Astro Podcasts

Below is a select list of podcast and vodcast programs discussing astronomy.

Canadian Podcasts

Podcast Summary Updated
The Actual Astronomy Podcast (audio) Join RASC members / amateur astronomers, Chris and Shane, as they share their experiences of observing the night sky. Mondays and Thursdays
The Star Spot (audio) Astronomy and space exploration podcast, hosted by Justin Trottier. Every other Sunday
Canadian Space Agency (video) Three series, some hosted by Canadian astronauts, following Canadian space exploration and how to train your body for space. Completed
Universe Today (video) Fraser Cain answers a wide variety of space questions through Q&As and short topic-specific videos. Weekly Space Hangout is also livestreamed. Mondays and Thursdays, with live broadcasts on Fridays
Quirks and Quarks (audio) CBC's award-winning national science program, hosted by Bob MacDonald. Note that this is not astronomy specific, but occasionally covers astronomy content. Fridays
SpaceQ (audio) What's going on in the space sector? Who's working in it, and what are they working on? Current updates in Canadian space news. Weekly



International Podcasts

Podcast Summary Updated
Astronomy Cast (video and audio) Weekly discussions about a variety of topics from planets to cosmology, hosted by Fraser Cain and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's Dr Pamela Gay. Usually Fridays
Vintage Space (video and audio) Videos about spaceflight history and many other astronomy topics presented by Amy Sheira Teitel, spaceflight historian, author, and self-proclaimed nerd. Usually weekly
365 Days of Astronomy (video and audio) Daily astronomy content brought to you by a variety of hosts (including some already listed here). A great daily fix of science. Every day
NASA (video and audio) NASA produces at least 15 podcasts about many different topics. You'll be sure to find something you like here. Usually weekly
Space Boffins (audio) Award-winning monthly space podcast hosted by Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham. The 10th of every month
Planetary Radio (audio) Mat Kaplan interviews guests of many backgrounds to bring to you unique perspectives on the exploration of our solar system and beyond. Weekly
StarTalk Radio (audio) Science, pop culture and comedy collide as Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews scientists, guest celebrities and comics. Fridays
The Jodcast (audio) The latest news about astronomy, what you can see in the night sky, interviews with astronomers, and more. Monthly