RASC Awards

The RASC awards a number of honours each year to promote and advance astronomy in Canada.

Major Awards to Members

Chant Medal

The Chant Medal is awarded based on a significant body of work of lasting value to the astronomical community and is named after C.A. Chant who was a noted astronomer at the University of Toronto and helped to found the David Dunlap Observatory there.

Fellowship Award

Established in 2013, this award is given to recognize long-term commitment to the Society.

Ken Chilton Prize

Established in memory of Ken Chilton, this prize is awarded for a specific piece of astronomical research or work carried out or published recently.

President's Award

Established in 2008, this award is to be given at the President's discretion, usually once a year, to a member (or members) who has/have made an important contribution to the Society, and to be presented by the President either at the General Assembly or during a visit by the President to the home Centre of the recipient(s).

Qilak Award

Established in 2011, this award is intended to recognize individual Canadian residents, or teams of residents, who have made an outstanding contribution, during a particular time period, either to the public understanding and appreciation of astronomy in Canada, or to informal astronomy education in Canada, and to promote such activities among the members of the sponsoring organizations.

Service Award

The Service Award, established in 1959, is awarded to members of the RASC who have made significant contributions at either the National and/or Centre levels.

Simon Newcomb Award

In 1979, on the recommendation of the Halifax Centre, the Simon Newcomb Award was established for excellence in astronomical writing by an RASC member.

Other RASC Awards

Canada-Wide Science Fair

The RASC supports the Canada-Wide Science Fair by awarding the Award for Excellence in Astronomy to the top student presenting in that category. The award includes a Youth membership in the RASC.

Light-Pollution Abatement Certificate of Merit

The RASC, through its Light-Pollution Abatement Committee, awards a Certificate of Merit to organizations, individuals and municipalities who make a contribution to the fight against light pollution in Canada.

Awards for Academic Achievement

Plaskett Medal

Co-sponsored with the Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA), Canada's association of professional astronomers, the Plaskett Medal is awarded annually to graduate from a Canadian university who is judged to have submitted the most outstanding doctoral thesis in the preceding two years.

RASC Gold Medal

From 1906 to 1987, the RASC awarded a Gold Medal to the top student in astronomy at the University of Toronto. Since 1988, this medal has been awarded by the Toronto Centre of the RASC.

See the individual awards pages for current and past citations.

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