Special Projects Program

Program Description

The goal of the program is to make Society funds available for projects that further the RASC mandate, carried out by individual members or groups of members. Such projects may include but are not restricted to: research projects (not connected with any academic institution), brochures or handouts, booklets, display materials, web sites, workshops, classes, school visits, special lectures, GA travel for members who have had a paper accepted for presentation, support such as materials or field trips for elementary or secondary school students.

Each Centre (or group) may only make one application in each calendar year and projects must be completed within one year of the date of the grant. The application will be open every January until May 31st. Progress reports must be supplied at three month intervals, and a final accounting of money spent, including receipts, and goals achieved must be submitted in writing to the Trustees at completion.

In addition to the grant, successful applicants may be asked, as a requirement of the Program and if appropriate, to prepare and deliver public presentations of their results or otherwise report on their activities to their home Centres, and be willing to travel to any other Centres which may be interested in sponsoring them under the Public Speaker Program.



The program is funded from the Ruth Northcott Fund to an amount not exceeding $5,000.00 annually. Applications will be evaluated and approved by three Trustees, appointed from time to time by the Board, with one of the Trustees designated as Special Projects Administrator. Maximum allowable per application is $500.00 per calendar year.

One Trustee will be assigned to monitor each successful proposal, receive and comment on progress reports and follow-up on any required presentations.

Distribution of funds to successful applicants is handled by the Society Office staff. All contact regarding the program shall be through the Special Projects Administrator spp@rasc.ca, who shall promote the program to the Society at least twice annually.


How to Apply

Each application must include:

  • Date of application
  • Justification for and goals of the project
  • Description of the activities to be carried out or the end product
  • A paragraph explaining how the project supports the RASC vision and mission
  • List of materials or resources required
  • Detailed budget
  • Project schedule including projected completion date
  • Amount requested
  • Other sources of support (financial or otherwise) that will be used
  • Names and contact information for all persons involved
  • Details of any work or preparations already completed
  • Possibilities for future use or follow-on outcomes of the project


Application Evaluation by the Trustees

As soon as is practicable after receiving an application, the Trustees shall evaluate the proposal on the basis of available funding, completeness and practicality of the proposal, and the proposal’s relationship to the Society’s aims.

The Trustees will consider each application separately and may approach the applicant for additional information before making a decision. Applicants will be informed of the decision not more than two months after the date of applying. For those whose application was not funded, an explanation shall be provided.

Since successful projects are funded in the order they are received, those not funded solely due to lack of funds in the current year may re-apply for the following budget year.

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