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As a student who is interested in astronomy, you are following in the footsteps of some of Canada's leading astronomers, including Helen Sawyer Hogg, Ruth Northcott and Roberto Abraham to name a few. The RASC Education Committee has gathered some of the best information sites that can help you with your project or interest in astronomy!

Clear skies!




Solar System

  • Solar System Scope
    Navigate around the solar system, check out our neighbourhood of stars, and find out if the constellations look the same if you leave the Earth and travel the galaxy. Not only can you learn lots about planets, dwarf planets, comets, and our Sun, it's also lots of fun.
  • If the Moon Were Only One Pixel
    What if the moon were only one pixel big? How much space would there be between all the planets? Scroll through, or hit the bottom right button to travel at light speed. It's not as fast as you think.
  • NASA Solar System Exploration
    Everything you want to know about our home and neighbours.
  • Cassini 
    Did you hear about Cassini's crash into Saturn last year? It wasn't an accident. Check out this website to learn more about this mission.
  • Juno
    Learn about Juno's mission to check up on Jupiter and all his moons. For current news and Juno's location, check out this website.
  • Other Current NASA Missions
    Don't see your favourite mission on here? All of NASA's current, future and past missions are logged here.


Deep Sky

  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    Take a look at some beautiful deep space photos and find tons of school or science fair projects.
  • DSO Browser
    Use this website to find out what Deep Space Objects (DSOs) are in your sky tonight by inputting your latitude and longitude. Register and keep track of which DSOs you have seen.