General Assembly

The 2020 GA is happening online on June 7. Visit our GA 2020 website for more information.

The RASC gathers annually to meet, exchange the latest astronomical accomplishments of its members, and celebrate the achievements of its award winners. The General Assembly (as it has been called since 1960), or "GA," is an excellent opportunity for members of the RASC from across the country to gather and strengthen the bonds of community.

The General Assembly is normally scheduled near either the Victoria Day or Canada Day holiday weekends to allow for easier travel arrangements by members. A typical agenda includes:

  • the Annual Meeting of the RASCthumbnail image
  • the bi-annual Northcott Lecture in odd-numbered years
  • in even-numbered years the annual Hogg Lecture is presented by the Society in co-operation with CASCA
  • presentation of RASC Awards at the annual banquet
  • social events and special tours of astronomical interest
  • presentations by invited guest speakers
  • poster sessions and presentations by RASC members

A complete General Assembly normally takes place over 2-3 days and provides many opportunities to meet and greet with other members of the RASC from across the country. Plan now to attend.

To find out about our Virtual AGM (open to all members) follow the link here

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