U of C. Chicago. April 5. 96

My dear Lindsay–

I have written out from memory and, at first, for my own sake these notes of a paper by Prof Michelson on the X rays. Since writing them out I have thought that the members of the Astronomical and Physical Society would be interested in the views of such an eminent Physicist as Prof Michelson. I therefore have pleasure in letting you have the very incomplete and perhaps in some places inaccurate synopses of these views.

As the paper of Prof M. has not yet appeared in print I may ask you not to print this, though you may mention the leading points of the nature of his views.

I might, had I time, have added some observations of my own but you probably have had a surfeit of X rays – an excess so to speak. (over)

As these notes are all I have – haven't time to write duplicate – I shall be pleased if you return them to me after you have made what use you can of these.

You might get Mr. Collins (or you are well able & do it yourself) to show the properties of vortex rays illustrating the points named.

Sincerely yours

G.F. Hull

The X-ray notes were read at the Society's meeting of 1896 April 14th and outlined in the 1896 Transactions, starting on page 21.


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