Nautical Almanac Office

3, Verulam Buildings

Gray's Inn, W. C.

27 April 1896

Dear Sir,

I am in receipt of your letter of 15th inst. in which you inform me that you have been directed to intimate to me that the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto would be gratified if permitted to elect me to Honorary Membership therein, & to ascertain whether I would accept such membership.

In reply I beg to state that I am much gratified by the compliment which your Society proposes to pay me, & that I willingly accept the Honorary Membership. I beg that you will convey my thanks to the Society, & accept them yourself for the gratifying terms in which you have communicated your Society's proposal to me.

Yours very faithfully

A.M.W. Downing

G. E. Lumsden Esq
Corresponding Secretary
Astronomical & Physical Society
of Toronto.