The Captain. Photo by Aldous.

Taken from a newspaper clipping in J.E. Maybee's scrapbook:

S.S. King Edward en route, September 6, 1905.
To Captain A. Belanger, S.S. King Edward.

We, the undersigned members of the Canadian Government Solar Eclipse Expedition of 1905, desire to express our appreciation of the skill and caution with which the ship was navigated and our lives secured on the occasion of our voyage on the King Edward to Northwest River, Ungava, to observe the total eclipse of the sun, August 30. On many occasions we have had opportunity to witness, and we shall ever bear in grateful remembrance, your solicitude and generous self-denial for the safety and comfort of the passengers committed to your care.

(Signed.) W.F. King, I.J. Kavanagh, S.J., Alfred S. Johnson, Jf A. Lajeunesse, O.M.I., M. Aldous, J. Macara, Frank P. Jennings, Henri Simard, Ptre., C.P. Choquette, Ptre., Joseph Pope, Walter e. Lyman, J.A. Russell, G.P. Jenkins, W. Menzies, W.P. Near, J.R. Collins, Winnifred King, S. Codd, E. Walter maunder, A.S.D. Maunder, Alfred T. De Lury, David J. Howell, J. Edw. Maybee, Chas. Upton, Louis Gauthier, D.B. Marsh, Henry H. Lyman, Louis B. Stewart, C.A. Chant, C.S. Plaskett.

1905 Eclipse #24