1991 SOLAR ECLIPSE EXPEDITION


Dear Registrant(s) No._____________:

       I am writing to you to provide an update on the status of the
Solar Eclipse Expedition and to clarify the financial arrangements for
the Expedition. Undoubtedly many of you have been made aware of the
demise of Worldways Airlines of Toronto, and you may well be wondering
about its effect on our Expedition. We have been holding extensive
discussions with our travel agent, Sunquest Incentive Travel of Toronto,
and while we have no confidence that Worldways will in fact be
resurrected, our discussions have made it quite clear that there are
numerous other carriers that should be able to accommodate our
Expedition. Sunquest and the Solar Eclipse Committee remain confident
that an Expedition aircraft will be secured. Again, because charter
airline companies have not yet made plans for the summer season of 1991,
no such company is prepared to make a final commitment of an aircraft
until early in the New Year. We will, of course, keep you apprised of

        Each of you has paid a $100 deposit. As you are aware, the
balance price of the Expedition is payable in two instalments, the first
in January 1991 and second in March 1991. Any registrant who cancels
his or her participation on the trip will forfeit the deposit. If the
Expedition for some reason must be cancelled in its entirety, some or
possible all of the deposit may not be returned to you. This is because
the Committee has been required to make significant expenditures for
site preview trips and other matters, which must be funded by the
Expedition participants themselves. If, however, the Expedition must
be cancelled after payment of either or both of the first and second
instalments of the remainder of the price, these instalments will be
returned to you in full. In other words, your maximum risk, should the
Expedition be cancelled, is the $100 deposit that you have previously
paid. I am sure that you can understand the necessity for this policy,
given the low price of the Expedition and the fact that the Royal
Astronomical Society of Canada is organizing the Expedition on a non-
profit basis.

       Nonetheless, all aspects of the Expedition planning are
proceeding extremely well, and we are confident that we will be able to
bring the Expedition to a successful conclusion.

                                Yours very truly,

                                Michael S.F. Watson
                                Expedition Leader
                                RASC 1991 Solar Eclipse

                                999 XXXXXXXXXXX Avenue
                                Toronto, Ontario M4S 1H7

                                (416) 999-9999 (Business)
                                (416) 999-9999 (Residence)
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