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                        SOLAR ECLIPSE, JULY 1963

    The National Committee is considering organizing the efforts of

interested members who will be able to travel to points within the eclipse

path. There are many effects due to a total eclipse that require observa-

tion and are within the capabilities and instrumentation of amateur groups.

    A future bulletin will outline possible plans in detail; however, for

the present, the Committee needs to know liar many Centres are planning to

organize eclipse parties, or how many individuals are likely to be near the

path of totality.

    The Committee is tentatively considering establishing two observing

sites in the Province of Quebec, sufficiently far apart to avoid the

possibility of total "wash.out" because of local weather conditions, and

favourably located with respect to accessibility and accommodation.

    Further planning depends upon the response to this Bulletin; therefore,

we suggest that the attention of your members be drawn to this matter as

soon as possible. Replies and further enquiries should be addressed to:

                       Miss Isabel K. Williamson,
                       5162 Belmore Avenue,
                       Montreal 29, P.Q.

who is Acting Solar Eclipse Co-ordinator in the absence of a permanent Co-

ordinator for this discipline.

                                                   R. V. Ramsay,
                                                 National Chairman,
                                   Standing Committee for Observational Activities
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