Albert Hassard

Albert R.J.F. Hassard (1873–1940), A.R., B.C.L.; Toronto member, lawyer, and very active ATM.


A Telescope Menagerie¹

Hassard Sr. with telescopesEnclosed is a photograph showing my telescopes. There are a 2in. and a 4in. refractor, and a 6in. and a 15in. reflector, mounted, while standing erect is the tube of the 9½in. reflector, which I also use. The view shows my father standing looking through the 4in. refractor.
English Mechanic and World of Science, No. 2322, 1909 Sept. 24.


The 9½-inch Reflector² is a photograph of my 9½in. telescope, nearly all made by myself, and with the simplest tools.
English Mechanic and World of Science, No. 2281, Dec. 11, 1908.

I am making a 9½ inch reflector, which is now nearly completed. On the 8th of August, 1908, while testing the instrument I turned the still unsoldered glass upon the Moon, and could observe with powers of 100 and 200, details distinctly visible on its surface. I used power of 400 also, but the illumination was much reduced. Still even with it, detail was distinct. When one remembers that only about 2 per cent of the light falling on an unsoldered glass surface is reflected, the result seems encouraging. The focal length of the mirror is 80 inches, and I have done all the work connected with its construction and almost all the making of the mounting and tube myself during spare moments taken from a professional life.
Popular Astronomy, Vol.16, 1908, p.456.

The 15-inch Reflector³

...The total cost of my 15in. mirror, tube, and mountings is about 30s.

The light-gathering power of this instrument is wonderful. The moon and Jupiter are almost inconceivably wonderful sights. The instrument is considerably more difficult to manage than a 6in. reflector, but is a most useful addition to the observatory. It seems to me that not much advantage is gained by an amateur observer in proceeding beyond a 15in. aperture. That aperture can keep him busy the rest of his life.

English Mechanic and World of Science, 1909 June 18. (This article also gives a description of the construction of the mounting for this telescope.)


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