Alfred Scott

(1904-90) Observer and Toronto Centre member. Received the Service Award in 1979.

ALFRED W. SCOTT (1904-90) joined the Toronto Centre in 1953. He was their Treasurer 1972-78 and 1980-81, and was Membership Secretary 1979-80. As a member of National Council from 1973-77, he served on its Executive, Finance and Property Committees. Alf, as he was known to many Centre members, was an active solar observer. During the 1970s he made sketches of sunspots on every clear day, observing with a small refractor from his balcony. His keen sense of humour found expression in his cartoons of things astronomical. He was a great booster of the RASC, actively recruiting new members and encouraging them to become involved in Centre activities and their own observing projects. He received the Service Award in 1979.

(adapted from Obituary of A.W. Scott by B.R. Chou)

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

Scott, Alfred W.