Asteroid (10284) DamienLemay

Damien Lemay (b.1943) is a telecommunications engineer who earned an undergraduate degree in physics from Université Laval. An observer from the young age of 11 he has made a wide range of observations from the stars of the Norton Star Atlas to the 1975 Nova Cygni. He has made a photographic atlas of the northern sky with a 0.14m Schmidt camera composed of a total of 1182 photos. He was a founding member of Club d'Astronomie de Rimouski where he organises multiple annual meetings of Canada's astronomy federations. He was the french editor of the RASC's National Newsletter starting in 1977. He was 50th national president of the RASC from 1990 to 1992. He has been involved in meteor reporting, including as part of the Canadian Space Agency. His efforts towards amateur astronomy have been recognised by the Trophée Meritas of the FAAQ and the Chant Medal of the RASC.

1981 QY2
Disc. Date: 
H. Debehogne
Disc. Place: 
La Silla (809)