THE CANADIAN ASTRONAUTICAL SOCIETY DOWNSVIEW, ONTARIO CANADA November 8, 1960. Mr. R.R. Broadfoot, 763 Mount Pleasant Rd., Toronto 7. Dear Mr. Broadfoot: In response to your request, enclosed is a copy of a map showing the location of the de Havilland Cafeteria, in which our joint meeting of the 29th November is to be held. Dr. D.C. Rose, the speaker, is chairman of the Associate Committee for Space Research, and is particularly well known for his interest in cosmic ray physics. Dr. Rose is with the Division of Pure Physics, National Research Council, Ottawa. C.A.S. Council members will be buying the speaker a dinner prior to the meeting, and we cordially invite three or four of your representatives to join us. He will make detailed arrangements later by telephone as to the time and place, but it is proposed to dine at the Skyline Hotel at around 6:00PM. Yours very truly, A.B. Barnes - Treasurer, C.A.S. —EB

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