Thomas Lindsay 1800s

Thomas Lindsay, Recording Secretary of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto (1895-1900).

Photo published in JRASC, 1917.

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Charles Sparling 1890s

Charles P. Sparling, Charter Member (1890) and General Treasurer.

Published in JRASC, 1917.

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Louis Stewart

(1861-1937) Professor of Engineering at U of T; Society President (1912-13).

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Allan Miller

(1851–1947) An early member of the Society and an accomplished observer. Society President (1918-19).

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Balfour Musson

(1865–1947) Society President (1908–09); 1st VP (1907); 2nd VP (1902–06); Secretary (1900–01).

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Alfred DeLury

(1864-1951) U of T mathematician; Society President (1910-11).

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Albert Watson

(1859-1926) A doctor who joined the Society in 1892 and served as President (1916-17).

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John Collins

(1865-1957) A 67-year member of the Society (Toronto); writer of a Toronto Telegram astronomy column (1900-48); Society Secretary (1902-17) and President (1920-21).

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Andrew Hunter

(1863-1940) President of the Society (1926-27).

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Clarence Chant

(1865-1956) Professor of Astronomy at University of Toronto, President of the Society (1904-07), editor of the Journal and Handbook for 50 years, and an important figure in the creation of the David Dunlap Observatory.

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