McLaughlin Planetarium

The McLaughlin Planetarium of the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

The McLaughlin Planetarium opened to the public November 2, 1968. It took two years to build and cost $2,250,000. Among the largest and most modern planetariums in thw world, it was a gift to the Royal Ontario Museum for the people of Toronto and Ontario from R.S. McLaughlin of Oshawa, Ontario. Mr. McLaughlin, Chairman of the Board of General Motors of Canada, was a pioneer in the automobile industry.

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C.H. Clark Scope

Lethbridge, 1960 Sept 27.

Homemade Equatorial with Mrs. Clark in charge.

The setting circles are made from sheet aluminum. The gears are steel worm and gears made from sheet brass held in contact by spring tension.

Good seeing,


CH Clark

1788-10th Ave. S., Alta.

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Castlefield Observatory Sketch

Bert Topham's Castlefield Observatory in Toronto, at the end of its life.

Sketch by Eugene Fedorenko (Toronto Centre).

Note from Geoff Gaherty:

When I joined the Montreal Centre in 1957, they had only a few months before they purchased Bert Topham's 165mm (6.5) f/15 refractor, equatorial mount, and motor drive, and mounted it in what was to become the Isabel Williamson Observatory. I had the use of that fine telescope on many occasions, until vandals broke into the dome and stole the objective.

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Comet Burnham

Comet Burnham, photographed by H.N.A. Maclean (Niagara) on 1960 May 2 (22:33-22:38 EST) with an 8-inch f/8 reflector, 250x.

This image is from the RASC Comet and Nova Section Archive. [View Source]

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QE Planetarium Brochure

Queen Elizabeth Planetarium brochure.

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Kennedy and Roper

J.E. Kennedy and E.E. Roper (Mayor of Edmonton) on 1962 May 18.

This photo appeared in JRASC with the following caption:

His Worship the Mayor of Edmonton, Dr. E.E. Roper, receives his membership card and lapel pin from the National Secretary, Mr. J.E. Kennedy.

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Millman, Northcott, and Jorgenson

P.M. Millman, R.J. Northcott, and the Hon. R.D. Jorgenson.

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Helm Fund Presentation

J.E. Kennedy watches as RASC President Ruth Northcott presents
the first cheque from the Walter Helm Endowment Fund
to DDO DirectorJ.F. Heard, July 11, 1962.

(This photo appeared in Looking Up, p.79.)

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Sixty Years in Orbit

Sixty Years in Orbit, January 1969 special issue.

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Fifty Times Around the Sun

Fifty Times Around the Sun, A History of the Montreal Centre (1918-1968).

Page 60 is missing, but this may be just a page numbering error.

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