Helen Hogg on TVO

Audio recordings of Helen Hogg's appearances on TV Ontario, circa 1970.  Courtesy Randy Attwood.

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Types of Variable Stars

by K.E. Chilton, F.R.A.S.
    • Algol type Variables
    • Beta Lyrae Stars
    • W Ursae Majoris Stars
    • Peculiar Eclipsing Binaries—W Ser, UX UMa types
    • RR Lyrae Stars
    • Classical Cepheids
    • Beta Canis Majoris Variables
    • Delta Scuti Variables
    • Long Period Variables
    • Semi-Regular Variables—A, B, C, D
    • RV Tauri Stars
    • Irregular Variables
    • Eruptive Variables—U Gem, Z Cam
    • Nebular Variables—RV Aur, T Ori, T Tau
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Saturn's Satellites


by K.E. Chilton, Planetary Coordinator

For many years it has been known that he magnitude of Iapetus, Saturn's outermost moon, is variable. Recent observations have indicated that some of the other moons may vary in brightness, too. (Refs. 1,2) This was pointed out in Planetary Bulletin No.9. However, observers were left ot their own devices to work out the positions of the satellites.

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Motions of the Moon

by K.E. Chilton, F.R.A.S.

1. Daily apparent revolution:

Like all celestial bodies, the moon appears to revolve around the Earth, once every 24 hours. This is caused by the rotation of the Earth. However, the moon revolves eastward in its orbit, ie: in the same direction as the Earth. Therefore, it takes a little longer for the earth to catch up, lengthening the apparent revolution to 24h 50m.

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The Moon That Never Was (Maybe?)

Published in the October 1970 National Newsletter. [PDF]

The Moon that Never Was (Maybe?)

After reading about the “Planet That Never Was” in the last issue of the NEWSLETTER, I thought that our readers might be interested in a satellite which was photographed 13 times near the turn of the century but has never been seen since. This was Themis, a supposed tenth moon of Saturn.

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RASC Library Catalogue

The text below is from pages 38-39 of the catalogue. Downloadable versions may be found at the bottom of this page.

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GA Group Photo - 1970

Photo courtesy of Chris Gainor.

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GA Guide 1970

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