NGC 6888 Pastel

© John Karlsson  This is a sketch using pastel chalks, white charcoal pencil and a wight gel pen on black pastel paper. I did this sketch in the cold late night of last summer. The sky's where very clear and the temperature had dropped to +2C. Cold considering it was +30 that afternoon. The pastel is brushed onto the paper and then smudged in with a blending stump.darker areas are added with a kneed able eraser. Stars are done with the gel pen as well as the white charcoal pencil.

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Naked-eye Moon Tantramar Marsh

Naked-eye Moon Tantramar Marsh on 2012 January 2. Sketch © R.A. Rosenfeld.

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Silvia Graca ©   I drew this picture on September 14th, 2013 from about 9:15 PM to 10:30 PM CDT from Winnipeg Manitoba. I used a Mead LightSwitch telescope with a 2 inch 8 MM eyepiece. I used graphite pencils and an eraser.

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The Sun 20130818

Louise Racine ©   This was sketched with graphite pencils, yellow pencil and black pen on standard white paper. The telescope was a Newtonian dobsonian 8'' with a Baader Astrosolar filter and a 13mm eyepiece. (Sorry for the blue effect, seems to be the result of scanning).

Clear skies!

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Gassendi 20130915

Gerry Smerchanski ©   Here is my sketch of the Crater Gassendi. Gassendi is found on the 'north shores' of Mare Humorum and is a very complex structure. South rim seems inundated by the Mare while the crater itself exhibits rilles, central peaks, craterlets wall breaches and it is found between Mare and highlands.

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Gibbous Moon 20121013

Louise Racine ©  2012 October 13. White chalk on black paperboard.

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Moon 20121013

Louise Racine © 2012 October 13. 12-inch Dob, 13mm ocular, 2x barlow. White chalk on black paperboard.

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Moon and Halo

R.A. Rosenfeld ©  Several naked-eye images executed from an overly-lit downtown Toronto parking lot. The lunar halo was very faint.

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The Moon 20131013

R.A. Rosenfeld ©   Pencil sketch of the Moon as observed by the unaided eye. 2013 October 13, UTC 00:25.

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Archimedes 20131012

Silvia Graca ©  I had a wonderful time under the moonlight!

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