Daniel Bawtenheimer

(1900-81) An active member of the Windsor Centre; received the Service Award in 1965.

DANIEL C. BAWTENHEIMER (1900-1981) received the Service Award in 1965, the first member of Windsor Centre to be recognized in this way. As a Boy Scout he had his first look through a small telescope at some of the planets and the Milky Way. His interest in astronomy stayed with him throughout his life, though he earned his living as a furniture salesman. Every June for many years, he and Mrs. Bawtenheimer were hosts at their "Poplar Lodge" home for an Observation Evening when members could enjoy viewing the heavens through his 25-cm reflector. He was the first Secretary of the Windsor Centre, and subsequently served as Vice-President, President (in 1948 and again in 1955) and Librarian. He conducted Students' Nights and frequently spoke at Centre meetings about current events.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

Daniel C. Bawtenheimer, nominated by the Windsor Centre. Mr. Bawtenheimer was a founder and charter member of the Windsor Centre and since 1945 has served continuously on its Council in various offices, including that of President. His suburban home has been "open house" for many gatherings of members of the Windsor Centre who meet there each June for the annual observation night and social evening. Mr. Bawtenheimer has introduced countless individuals to the wonders of astronomy though talks and the generous use of his own 10-inch reflecting telescope. His years of devoted service are recognized by this Award.

—Service Award citation, JRASC v59, p.136 (1965).

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