A transcription of this document is provided below. A photo of this document appeared in JRASC, (35) 89 along with this note:

*A photograph of this document appears in Plate VI. About 1930 Mr. Topham, in answering an advertisement in a Toronto newspaper, went to the village of Whitevale, twenty miles away, to examine a three-inch telescope offered for sale. He purchased it and among the papers along with it in its case was a sheet of blue foolscap paper. As a curiosity it was pasted on the wall of Mr. Topham's observatory and it was brought to the attention of Dr. Hogg when on a visit to the observatory...

In October 2013, this document was found lurking in the Society's archives.

Proposed By-laws of the Toronto Astronomical Club


Admission to Membership shall be by ballot. The person proposed for admission, at one ^regular meeting may be appointed at the following regular meeting. Two black balls shall be required rejection of any one regularly proposed.
        Entrance fee to membership shall be determined by the Club "pro tempore vel rata."


That regular meetings shall be held on the first Tuesday of each month commencing a 8 PM and closing at 9-30 P.M. when practicable
        Adjourned or Special meetings, however, may be appointed as often as may be deemed, by the club, requisite for the transaction of extra or pressing business. In case any unusual or particular cause arises, the President may call a special meeting of the Club, by notifying each member, through the Sec.y, of the time for such meeting.


The Order of Business shall be, ―
1.st Reading the Minutes of last meeting
2.nd Receiving and reading communications, letters etc
3.rd ^Proposal and Election or persons proposed for membership.
4.th Reading extracts from publications, connected directly or collaterally with Astronomical research and science.
5.th Reading original papers, accompanied by such illustrations oral or manual as may be deemed requisite.
6.th Examining instruments, suggesting experiments, Viewing objects etc
7.th Incidental business.


In formal debate speakers will be restricted to five minutes


Members addressing the meeting, will be expected, as a matter of courtesy, to stand while so engaged.


If anything should arise not provided for by the previous by-laws it should be decided by the Club.