Eric Orr

(1904-90) An active member of the Hamilton Centre.

ERIC ORR (1904-90) received the Service Award in 1988 for his enthusiastic. dedicated support of amateur astronomy. He and his wife Mary were well known throughout the Society for their regular attendance at nearly every General Assembly since joining the Hamilton Centre in 1970. The citation for his award stated that he served on the Centre's Board of Directors for 15 years, ably managing various positions of responsibility, including that of National Representative. He generously gave material and financial assistance for the construction and development of the Centre's observatory, and for many years handled the distribution of the Centre newsletter, Orbit. In addition to being an active observer with a wide variety of interests, Eric Orr contributed several articles to Orbit, and assisted with the public education program at the observatory. The citation concluded: "Always on hand to greet the public at mall displays and observing sessions in his enthusiastic yet courteous manner, Eric [was] the "ambassador of astronomy" to many a potential new member."

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

Further Reading

  • Edmund Halley, NNL (August 1985)
Orr, Eric