This Session's Targets and How to Find Them

  • Mare Vaporum (lunar mare)
    • The "eyes" of Wilma. Right in the middle of the Moon and right to the left/west of Mare Tranquilitatis. Best on the full Moon, October 31st, but visible October 25th - November 6th.
  • Orion (constellation)
    • Look for the belt! He'll be close to the horizon in the east right now, but you should see him a couple hours after sunset clearly. Orion extends from the belt up to his two shoulder stars (and out to his shield), and down to the bottom of his tunic. Visible until about April.
  • Taurus (constellation)
    • If you make an arrow with Orion's shoulders and the first star of his belt, it points at the brightest star in Taurus (Aldebaran) which is bright red. Taurus's horns extend towards Gemini / above Orion. Visible until about April.
  • Theta Tau (double star)
    • Right beside Aldebaran to the west, in among that group of bright stars just west of Aldebaran, there is a double star. It's just a finger width west of Aldebaran. Definitely consider printing off or sketching a diagram from Stellarium before going out to observe. Visible until about April.
  • Pleiades / M45 (deep sky object)
    • Do the trick to find Aldebaran from Orion. Then continue in the same direction for the same distance again and you'll see a little group of stars that looks like a small dipper. That's the Pleiades, and they "sit" on the back of Taurus. Visible until about April.
  • Orion Nebula / M42 (deep sky object)
    • M42 is the middle object of the sword that hangs down from Orion's belt. It looks like it's made up of two or three objects. Scan the whole sword to find M42. Visible until about April.


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