GA 1960

1960 - Montréal

April 8-9


  1. The Photoelectric Programme of the A.A.V.S.O., John J. Ruis (NY, USA)
  2. Some Observations of Changing Reflectivity in a Local Area of Lunar Surface, Raymond R. Thompson (Toronto)
  3. The Edmonton Survey of the Aurora Borealis, Earl R. Milton (Edmonton)
  4. Stellafane Meeting, 1959, Gordon A. Grant (Ottawa)
  5. Influence of the Weather on Seeing Conditions, S.A. Zielinski (P.Q.)
  6. Celestial and Inertial Navigation in Space Travel, Carlos Fallon (PA, USA)
  7. From Observing to Observatory, F. Lunn (Montreal)
  8. The New Station of the U.S. National Observatory, Helen S. Hogg (Toronto)
  9. The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, John L. Locke (Penticton)
  10. Central Meridian Transits, Geoffrey Gaherty, Jr. (Montreal)
  11. The Telescope Makers Group, Toronto Centre, Jesse Ketchum (Toronto)
  12. A Solar Eclipse Expedition, W.A. Gault (Ottawa)
  13. Mars: A New Concept About Seasons, Jean Asselin (CFM)
  14. Observations of Variable Stars, Francis T. Morgan (Montreal)
  15. Observing Satellites with Simple Instruments, G.A. Bakos (MA, USA)
  16. Luminosity Functions of Galactic Clusters, D. Sher (Toronto)

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