GA 1961

1961 - Toronto

March 17-18


  1. The Role of Our Astronomical Society in Today's Neighbourhood, Franklin C. Loehde (Edmonton)
  2. Inter-Centre Communication via Amateur Radio, David Sands (Montreal)
  3. The Activities of the Centre Français, Montréal, Fleurange Laforest (CFM)
  4. The Role of a Planetarium in the Astronomical Society, Ian McLennan (Edmonton)
  5. Venus Observations of the Montreal Centre of the R.A.S.C., Klaus R. Brasch (Montreal)
  6. Notes on Auroral Observations in Halifax, B.W. Allen (Halifax)
  7. RZ Cassiopeiae--A Fast Changing Variable, John L. Ruis (NY, USA)
  8. Meteor Trail Effects on High-Frequency Radio Waves, Brian Rawlings (Montreal)
  9. The Bruderheim Meteorite, Milton et al (Edmonton)
  10. Profile of the Fossil Crater at Brent, Ontario, Innes et al (Ottawa)
  11. Galactic Nuclei, Frank P. Morgan (Montreal)

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