GA 1962

1962 - Edmonton

May 18-21


  1. Lunar Model Construction, FitzGerald et al (Toronto)
  2. The Recent Sunspot Maximum, David Fisher (Ottawa)
  3. Observing the Planets, Geoffrey Gaherty, Jr. (Montreal)
  4. The Rouleau Fireball and an Assessment of a Data Collecting System, John V. Hodges (Regina)
  5. An Amateur's Aluminizing Apparatus, George R. Ball (Victoria)
  6. Clothing, A Problem for the Canadian Astronomer, J.E. Kennedy (Toronto)
  7. The Calibration of Extreme Wide Angle Cameras, F.R. Park (Ottawa)
  8. The Edmonton Survey of the Aurora Borealis, Earl R. Milton (Edmonton)
  9. Atomic Monitored Time, M.M. Thomson (Ottawa)
  10. The Dominion Observatory Mirror Transit Telescope, J.J. Labrecque (Ottawa)
  11. The Spectrophotometry of Some Globular Clusters, R.C. Henry (Toronto)
  12. The Spectroscopic Orbit of Epsilon Aurigae, S.C. Morris (Victoria)
  13. Photometric and Spectroscopic Observations Obtained at the 1961-2 Eclipse of 31 Cygni, K.O. Wright (Victoria)
  14. West Hawk Lake - Manitoba's Ancient Crater and Modern Resort, Halliday et al (Ottawa)
  15. Light Curves of Solar Flares, Climenhaga et al
  16. The Work of the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, J.L. Locke (Ottawa)
  17. An Unusual Sighting, W.M. Cameron (Ottawa)

Documents and Images for This GA