GA 1963

1963 - Toronto


  1. A Study of the Phase of Venus, K.R. Brasch (Montreal)
  2. Variable Star Observing, R.T. Dickinson (Toronto)
  3. Width of H and K Emission Lines as Distance Indicator, M.P. FitzGerald (Toronto)
  4. Visual Photometry of Planetary Markings, G. Gaherty, Jr. (Montreal)
  5. Colour Filter Observation of Saturn Ring A in 1962, R.W. Gordon (Pennsylvania)
  6. A Study of O- and B-Type Stars, H.H. Guetter (Toronto)
  7. Christian Doppler in Prague, Karel Hujer (Tennessee)
  8. Meteor Counting, P.M. Millman (Ottawa)
  9. Jupiter with Colour Filters, W.T.K. Murawski (New York)
  10. Changes in Jupiter in 1962, A.L. Ostrander (Toronto)
  11. Spectroscopic Observations of the Galactic Nova of 1963, K.O. Wright (Victoria)
  12. A Short Film on Solar Observations, W. Semerau (Niagara)

Documents and Images for This GA