GA 1965

1965 - Toronto

May 21-23

This was a joint meeting with the AAVSO.


  1. The Early History of Amateur Astronomy in Canada and of the R.A.S.C., Jim Low (Montreal)
  2. Annual Programming for Observations of Faint Variable Stars, Clint Ford (AAVSO)
  3. A Mounting for a Large Aerial Camera, David Crampton (Toronto)
  4. Observations of U Geminorum-Type Variables, Mrs. M.W. Mayall (AAVSO)
  5. Planetarium Developments in Canada, Ian McLennan (Edmonton)
  6. Report on the NASA Networks, NASA Collection and Operation Moon-Blink for Lunar Transient Phenomena, Mrs. Winifred Cameron (AAVSO)
  7. Improving Methods in Astrophotography, Paul Riherd (USA)
  8. Photos from the Small Dome of the Dominion Observatory, Salmon et al (Ottawa)
  9. The Mayan Calendar and Astronomy, John J. Ruiz (Montreal)
  10. Measurements of Line-Ratios Used for Luminosity Classification in Stellar Spectra of Types F to K, Wright et al (Victoria)
  11. The Observation of Extreme Grazing Occultations, T.C. Van Flandern (AAVSO)
  12. Was Galileo an Astronomer or Physicist?, Karel Hujer (USA)
  13. Eclipsing Variable 342 Aquilae, Marvin E. Baldwin (AAVSO)
  14. The Relative Abundance of Carbon 12 to Carbon 13 in R- and N-Type Stars, J.L. Climenhaga (Victoria)
  15. Visual Photometry of Two Lunar Eclipses, Kenneth Chalk (Montreal)
  16. Adiabetic Relations and Relativistic Degeneracies in White Dwarfs of the Ross 627 Type, Jaan Sitler (Montreal)
  17. Dwarf Novae as Binary Systems, L.C. Bornhurst (AAVSO)

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