GA 1969

1969 - Toronto

May 16-19


  1. The Use of Closed Circuit TV in Conjunction with Amateur Astronomical Telescopes, D.H. Fallows (Unattached)
  2. An Improved, Versatile, Inexpensive Astronomical and Chemical Spectrophotometer, Delmonico et al
  3. The Planetary Nebula in M15, W.A. Feibelman (Unattached)
  4. A New Trick in Mirror Grinding, Jesse Ketchum (Toronto)
  5. The Bologna, Italy, Meeting of the I.U.A.A., Ken Chilton (Hamilton)
  6. Astronomical Manifestations in History and Scripture, D.H. Fallows (Unattached)
  7. Solar Darkroom Techniques, Craig et al (Ottawa)

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